Ekwik Classes Digital Marketing Course

45+ Modules (500+ Hrs Training)

Ekwik Classes Presents the Best Digital Marketing Course with 500+Hrs learning content. It covers every concept of internet marketing with real examples. 


When you get the course, Ekwik provides you with E-notes from time to time. So, you can keep revising new marketing techniques without any issue. 

Internship / Placement

We also ensure you get an internship or placement in leading companies. We have many recruiting partners who pay decent pay for our students. 

Live Project

If you want to gain practical experience in digital marketing strategies. Ekwik Classes is the place because we provide your multiple live projects to work on. 

20+ Globally Recognised (Certifications)

Ekwik’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi offers 20+ certifications. These certifications are internationally valid and prove your professional skills. 

Live Q/A Forum

We have kept the live Q/A support for the enrolled students. So, whenever you face any technical or another issue, you get an instant solution. Even if you need to ask any question, you can ask using this system. 

Experience Certification

Along with course certification, Ekwik Classes provide experience certificates. So, you can get a decent-paying digital marketing job. 

On-Board Training (2 Months)

Ekwik’s marketers provide professional training for two months. In this, we polish your marketing skills and help you work professionally. 

Hykoon Theme Membership

It is one of the perks that students of Ekwik Classes get with their course. And if you also want to get such premium WordPress plugins and tools. You should learn digital marketing from Ekwik’s expert. 

Tools & Software

Marketing tools and software have a unique role in internet marketing. That’s why Ekwik tries its best to train our students on premium marketing tools. 

LMS Recorded

We have LMS-recorded videos, and all are up to date with excellent quality material. 


You will also get Ekwik’s compelling digital marketing E-book during the course. That will help you to grow your marketing knowledge. 

Case Studies & Capstone Projects

Ekwik’s Digital Marketing Course also offers several case studies and Capstone projects. And all these resources will ultimately help you boost your marketing skills. 

Graphic Design Course (Elementary Module)

As a marketer, you also require to know some graphic design skills. Hence, we have added an elementary graphic design module to this course. 

Creative Content Writing(Fundamentals Module)

You will also learn creative writing to write a social post to blog content. So, you can become a full-fledged marketing expert with a practical understanding. 

Skill Shiksha Certification

After learning all the rich materials of Ekwik’s Digital Marketing Course. You will get a Skill Shiksha Certification from Ekwik Classes. It will showcase your expert-level marketing skill and help you stand out from the competition. Hence, get your excellent Digital Marketing Course from Ekwik Classes now. 

Ekwik Classes
Ekwik Classes