Pay per click Marketing is one among the booming industries in India and aboard. We all realize Google AdSense and Google Ad words. Google Ad words is that the pay per click advertising program by Google during which one has got to pay when any visitor click on the ads of the business owner. One doesn’t require paying for displaying his/her ads on the network websites of Google. DICC will provides you in-depth knowledge of PPC marketing and also assist you to urge Google Ad words certificate. Our educational program will cover all the aspects of Pay per click Marketing. .



We are providing stock pay per click training as per the most recent trends in Google. Our PPC course is of short duration of 20 to 30 hours but we cover all the fundamentals to advance PPC strategies. Our PPC course designed in such how that you simply can manage your own PPC accounts and may also lower down your budget to an excellent extent. For more information about the course module.


After the successful completion of the course, students are going to be ready to know:


How to Manage Your Own Campaign In PPC?

How to Manage Your Own Adgroup and Ads In PPC?

How to Use PPC as Business Development Tool?

How to Make Effective Ads?

How to Improve Quality Score?

Understanding Search and Display Network.

How to Get the utmost returns of Investment?

Detailed Syllabus of PPC Management Course:

PPC Training Module


Meaning of Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Why there’s got to do PPC

How PPC grow your business

Google Ad sense and Ad words

Adbrite, Chitika, Amazon and other PPC programs

Yahoo, MSN and Google PPC comparison

Google Ad Words structure

Set-up a PPC Campaign

Google Ad word Account Structure


Create PPC Campaign


Setting up a PPC Campaign

Google Ad word Account Structure

Setting up a billboard group within campaign

Using My Client Centre (MCC)


What is Impression?

How to make an efficient ad?

What is “Cost/Conversion”?

How to increase CTR & Conversion

What is Tracking Code?


Keyword Research for PPC


What is Keyword Research and analysis?

Researching PPC Keywords

Importance of target keywords and audiences

Selecting Keywords consistent with Geographical location

Analysing keywords of your competitors

Finding Keywords popularity & Global and native search Volume

Categorizing your ad campaigns to Ad groups

PPC Keywords tools and resources


Create Ads for PPC Campaigns


Create Impressive and Effective Ads and Ad groups

Unique Title and character limits

Measurement of Title, Description URL

Ad that produce better ROI

 Various samples of Successfully Effective ads

Creation of Landing pages and Destination URL’s

Bids Management in PPC


What is bidding management?

What is Quality Score in PPC?

How Quality Score Effect your bids and rankings?

How to Increase Position on Search?

Bid for Ad position

Define Bid for every Keywords and Bid Management

User Define bids and Google Automatic Bids

Importance of bidding techniques

competitor’s Analysis for bidding


Landing Page for PPC


What is Landing Page?

Ads Versus Landing Page

Important of Landing Page

Optimize Your landing pages

How to Increase conversion rates

What is “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs)

Use ‘Calls to Action’



PPC Reporting


Campaign Performance Reports

Keywords Performance Reports

Ad group Performance Reports

Ads Performance Reports


PPC Campaigns Tools


Google Ad word Tool

Keywords Spy

Google Ad word Editor


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Career Oppurtunities

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PPC Analyst

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Team Manager

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