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Do you want to know how digital marketing can help your business? Do you understand why digital marketing is the present and future of marketing? Why should you learn digital marketing now?

In this digital marketing ebook, we have compiled all these things. Reading this book, you will understand the latest and tested marketing strategies. That you can execute to attract, drive and convert the massive traffic.

Also, this ebook is enriched with several resources, helpful tools, and practical examples. And all this information is going to make you a versatile digital marketer.

So, get your copy now to learn from SEO to advanced marketing strategies in a systematic manner.


“The Digital Marketing Book” is a book written by Mr. Durgesh Kumar. If you have decided to
read this book. In that case, you will surely learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing,
website structure, WordPress, Google algorithms, and keyword research. It is just the start, as
you will also be learning SEO, SMO, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and other social
media marketing strategies. This book will also teach you about PPC with Google, Bing, and
Yahoo. We have also added dedicated chapters for lead generation, mobile, inbound, affiliate,
eCommerce, and YouTube marketing. When you learn all these things, you will also find
chapters describing Google Adsense and blogging. So, start reading this book and get
fundamental insights into these marketing strategies.


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